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Target 85kg with Fuel Athletics

Every year I say I want to lose weight but every year its been a tough and difficult process. Even with mountain biking, I managed to lose significant weight (down from 113kg to currently 97kg) but I feel that I am still on the hefty side and need to lose even more. Few things came […]

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Welcome 2020

2019 went by in a flash and here it is in 2020. I looked at my last blog post and realised that one, nobody blogs anymore and blogs aren’t really cool. I guess I got too busy as well since my last blog post was in July 2019 and yes, after that post, I did […]

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Ohlin’s latest fork and rear suspension

I use a set of Ohlins suspension for my BMW E90 320d and it is by far one of the best purchases I have made in terms of a car modification. It is plush, perfect for daily use and yet when needed, it can handle corners smoothly and confidently. Now that my hobbies have shifted […]