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When you think your car is safe

How often do you actually leave your cars with the valet? I know most of my friends who have extremely lowered cars find it difficult to maneuver in basement parking lots especially in KL, tend to leave their cars with the valet. Most of the time, ironically, the valet’s will have a clause to say that they aren’t responsible for any of the damage. I guess the case in the image above is taking.. Read More

Travels and Supercars

After a nice relaxing weekend two weeks ago, I was hammered with a long and busy week. Firstly I attended a two day seminar at the Renaissance Hotel where I checked in there on Wednesday night till Friday then followed with a quick flight up north to Langkawi with the Stories team for a wedding shoot on Saturday. It was the first time I stayed at the Renaissance Hotel here in KL. I’ve.. Read More