About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Mark Leo and I have been blogging on and off since I was in university (on various platforms) and finally here at Markleo.net. By day, I lead Enterprise Support for Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam here at Amazon Web Services. By night, I fill up my time with hobbies, from mountain biking at Bukit Kiara, taking drives up to Genting, and also hunting for good food and good coffee. 

Of course, I have this crazy obsession for Apple products but I am still open to using other platforms such as Windows (I have a windows gaming PC at home) as well as Android (I use an Android Head Unit in my car). In a way, I am rather neutral and I don’t force my opinions on others. I just love Apple for their design and how all their products work seamlessly with each other.

Also my wife says that I have a crazy obsession for bags (laptop bags, luggage bags), shoes (driving shoes) and also tech gadgets (mechanical keyboards and mice).

Check out my AWS Certifications below

Solutions Architect Associate