Photographing Volkswagen Cars

It was a bright sunny day when a group of VW enthusiasts all decided to meet up at Putrajaya on a Sunday morning. Well, we didn’t really all decided together but more towards an opportunity for me to be able to photograph some VW cars, talk to some of the other members and get to…… Continue reading Photographing Volkswagen Cars

Engagement Shoot – Elliot & Charlotte

In keeping with my New Year’s resolution, here is another blog post on Elliot and Charlotte’s engagement shoot. I knew both of them through church and Elliot is a fantastic drummer and Charlotte’s a fantastic dancer. The two of them looked so sweet and they got married recently! Congratulations to both Elliot and Charlotte. I…… Continue reading Engagement Shoot – Elliot & Charlotte

Nicholas and Sharon’s Pre-Wedding

I have known Nick for quite some time now ever since the Lowyat photography days and when he asked me to shoot his pre-wedding, I couldn’t say “no” to him. Here are some of the photos from the session. Boy, did I really have so much fun shooting the couple. Both Nick and Sharon were…… Continue reading Nicholas and Sharon’s Pre-Wedding

Aaron & Susan’s Portraiture Session

Aaron works in the same company as I do and he previously helped me organize the photography workshop I thought at my firm a couple of months back. This time when he emailed me again, it was for something totally different. He was going to be in front of the camera together with Susan instead…… Continue reading Aaron & Susan’s Portraiture Session