The return of Wednesday Clicks

Only to return on a Monday, I have decided to return my old trend of providing some interesting links as well as excerpts from other sources which either inspire me or give some sort of educational value. First up for this week: I’ve only started reading some inspirational blogs lately especially to gain some insights…… Continue reading The return of Wednesday Clicks

Wednesday Clicks

Ahoy there, what happened to last week’s posting? It seemed to have dissapeared but to be perfectly honest, I was busy catching the Champions League final match between Man Utd and Barcelona in a local Irish Pub near my hotel on 50th Street in Manhattan. The atmosphere was great, the pub was split with supporters…… Continue reading Wednesday Clicks

Wednesday Clicks

Its Wednesday’s again and time for the this week’s Wednesday Clicks. With all that has been going on politcally here in Malaysia, especially that state up north of Selangor, there have been loads of interesting news flying about. Chase Jarvis has posted on his blog a post entitled, “Shake Your Tree”, which is an interesting…… Continue reading Wednesday Clicks

Overdue Wednesday Clicks

I am completely late for this week’s Wednesday Clicks so do forgive me. It has been a hectic couple of days of fun and laughter and catching up with friends. I have two sets of wedding photos to blog about and that should come pretty soon. In the mean time, here are this week’s Wednesday…… Continue reading Overdue Wednesday Clicks