Wednesday Clicks

Its Wednesday’s again and time for the this week’s Wednesday Clicks. With all that has been going on politcally here in Malaysia, especially that state up north of Selangor, there have been loads of interesting news flying about.

  • Chase Jarvis has posted on his blog a post entitled, “Shake Your Tree“, which is an interesting read especially for you photographers out there. He talks about how to start shaking our own tree and start doing something instead of laying about idle. Personally, my plan is to start taking more photos with my iPhone and look out for interesting subjects and frames about.
  • Apparently news are going about that Rocky will be the CEO of Malay Mail. According to Rocky himself, it is completely wrong.
  • This link is dedicated to the Pulau Ketam Save the Dog’s Campaign. For more information check out the link, here are some thoughts from some bloggers about, here and here.
  • ShootFest 001 has reached 65 registrants so far and the max number of registrants who can attend is only 80. That means there is only 15 more spots available. I do encourage everyone to participate and find a session to present, it can be either 15mins or 30mins and the rest could be time for networking. Let’s all get out of our own comfort zone and share with one another ok?
  • Apparently some dude in China is saying that he knows of what are the new specs for the upcoming iPhone. He claims that it will have a capacity of 32Gb, a 3.2MP cam with autofocus ability and a 600MHz processor. I do think that the additional capacity and memory bump speed and the autofocus ability of the cam is a nice welcome.

That’s all for this week folks.

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