Get your Castrol engine oil and service package from Shopee!

One of the many fears most motorists have is when they service their cars outside is that whether the engine oil used is original. We know there are many fakes going about, not only engine oil but from cigarretes to even alcohol. Thanks to them introducing their engine oil online, you can now safely purchase…… Continue reading Get your Castrol engine oil and service package from Shopee!

BMW Intensive Driver Training

Last year I joined the BMW Advanced Driver Training which was held at the carpark area at Sepang Circuit (read my last post here). Later in the year, I managed to score seats at the BMW Intensive Driver Training. The difference between these two trainings is that the Advanced training was mostly done at the…… Continue reading BMW Intensive Driver Training

Sierra Glow Part Deux – Blue Flame Review

Updated: 26th October 2013 – Found some photos of the session As I start to write this post, I am kind of sad that I lost a fair bit of my photos and videos that I took when they were applying the Sierra Glow treatment on the car. Thanks to my curiosity at the time…… Continue reading Sierra Glow Part Deux – Blue Flame Review

First look: Golf GTI Mk7

I just came back from viewing the pre-launch of the Golf GTI Mk7 at Veemer Old Klang Road. Heading there expecting to see the new car, frankly I was rather sceptical. One, was that I didn’t really like the rear design of the Golf Mk7 models. That meant the TSI, GTI and the upcoming Golf…… Continue reading First look: Golf GTI Mk7

When you think your car is safe

How often do you actually leave your cars with the valet? I know most of my friends who have extremely lowered cars find it difficult to maneuver in basement parking lots especially in KL, tend to leave their cars with the valet. Most of the time, ironically, the valet’s will have a clause to say that…… Continue reading When you think your car is safe