JoeMcnally’s Hot Shoe Diaries Workshop – Part 2

Warning, more images to come 🙂 As a continuation from my previous blog post, after a heavy buffet lunch at Shangri-La (believe me, the food there was so good that it was so difficult not to want to try everything!), we all proceeded with our own individual assignments. Individual means that we split up into…… Continue reading JoeMcnally’s Hot Shoe Diaries Workshop – Part 2

A Simple Portrait Collection

I finally gotten around to compile some of the portrait photos I have taken recently, and by recently I mean quite a while back. Anyway it was one of the requirements which Grace gave me and asked me to do which was due in January last month. Well, all I can say that it is…… Continue reading A Simple Portrait Collection

Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

I am sure many of you would have heard about this fantastic landmark situated in New York, off Manhattan Island. What a lot of people might not know about is Ellis Island. When I was traveling around in that region, there were many options to choose from and I always planned that I will head…… Continue reading Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

Poh Seong & Chiu Yen’s Portrait Session

When Chiu Yen contacted me via email about a portrait shoot, I’ve always been communication with her. The moment when I arrived at the shoot location, I was so surprised that Poh Seong was there as well. What a small world! Poh Seong is my neighbour and I used to go to the same high…… Continue reading Poh Seong & Chiu Yen’s Portrait Session

The Nikon D700 – Its Official

Updated: 17:06 Thanks Eugene for the heads up on this bit of news. I was out at lunch earlier only to find this very interesting bit of news sitting in my comments column in my last post. Good to know that Nikon has finally launched the Nikon D700 and its as good as the rumours…… Continue reading The Nikon D700 – Its Official