Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Tyre Review

Over the years I have used multitudes of tyres from various brands and ranges. With my current staggered wheel setup, I had trouble finding tyres for my stock rim sizes. These stock rims were the standard 17-inch BMW M-Sport rims. 17/45/225 – 17 inch rims, 225mm width tyres 17/40/255 – 17 inch rims, 255mm width […]

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FLIP Review: The British Plug Reinvented

Check out the review of one of the projects I have funded on Kickstarter, FLIP, the British plug reinvented for USB charging!

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ThinCharge: World’s Thinnest Battery Phone Case Review

The one thing plaguing iPhone users is the constant hunt for more power. Now if you are working at a desk relatively most of your time, you would probably have a charger already permanently plugged in there and you have the flexibility to quickly charge up your phone whenever you need more juice. For those […]

Movie Reviews

Movie Review: Burnt

I have had been on a fascination hunt especially on food related TV shows as well as movies. It started with simple reality shows such as Hells Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Top Chef and Master Chef. This then followed by movies of the same persuasion such as Chef, The Hundred-Foot Journey, and Julie & Julia. Yes, […]

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Review: Pulp Coffee @ Bangsar

The other day a bunch of us in the office were eating in Bangsar when one of our coffee connoisseur asked us to try out this place called Pulp which was located near the NSTP building. So our boss so graciously drove us there to check out what the fuss was about. When we arrived […]