Luke’s Lobsters at Changi Jewel

Luke’s Lobsters originated from the US and last year during one of my business trips to Singapore, I disembarked the plane feeling a little hungry. Seeing that it was right at Changi Jewel, I thought that I would grab a bite there before heading to town to check-in to the hotel. A quick search using a touch screen monitor at Jewel led me to an open area where Luke’s was located (store #01-K209).

Luke’s Lobster at Changi Jewel

The place wasn’t packed as it was around 3pm in the afternoon, I chanced upon a couple of kids who were looking to order theirs to go. Strolling up to the entrance, there were staff busy preparing food for other guests.

Luke’s Lobster Menu

Seeing that my only experience with a lobster roll was an experience at Burger and Lobster at Genting Highlands, I was pretty curious to try out the ones here. True to heart, I ordered the standard Lobster Roll (SGD$29.50) and waited for my food to arrive.

The Lobster Roll with butter and a Coke Zero

I left the image of the Coke Zero can in there so that you have the context when it came to the size of the lobster roll. It wasn’t that huge but as you can see that there is a lot of lobster there. The lobster is smothered in butter and the roll was nice, crispy and warm as well.

Seeing that I was hungry, I finished it within minutes and was left extremely satisfied with the taste. Honestly, I think I could have finished at least 3 of those rolls. In an ideal world, the roll would probably be 5x the size. Sadly, in reality, this was one expensive roll especially for those earning in ringgit.


Would I eat there again? Yes, I would return and try out their other rolls. If I were to not take into account the price, it is a very tasty lobster roll and I felt a lot more satisfied eating it compared to the one at Burger and Lobster in Genting. The whole combination of the roll was simple, lobster with butter in between a warm crispy roll. Can’t really get that wrong.

Luke’s Lobster –

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