Pizzeria Dihyang – Neopolitan pizza with house rules

This wasn’t my first time eating a neopolitan pizza from Pizzeria Dihyang. I had the honour of that during the COVID lockdowns and unfortunately at the time, I ordered it to go. The drive home that time took a turn for the worse as I got stuck in traffic due to a heavy downpour and the pizza ended up getting a little cold and soggy by the time I reached home. So unfazed by that experience, I took an impromptu drive with the fam and arrived at the pizzeria at 6pm (we didn’t make reservations because as I said, impromptu).

Thankfully they had a slot for us and as we sat down, I quickly ordered two pizza’s, the Verace Margherita (the difference is that it uses buffalo milk cheese) and a BIANCA al PROSCIUTTO which is a white pizza with parma ham. To end the night and to celebrate World Nutella Day, we ordered a Focaccia e Nutella which is an Italian flat bread topped with Nutella.

Verace Margherita

The first pizza to arrive was the Verace Margherita, a classic take on what they call a true neopolitan pizza. If you would notice the pizza came just exactly like in the photo and you have to cut it up yourselves. This is one of the 14 house rules you would need to get acquainted with other rules such as they don’t customise pizza nor do they make crispy pizza nor do they slice the pizza. Eccentric? Perhaps but its a style I can get used to. Similar to a master ramen chef who makes the ramen they want to serve.

Verace Margherita

The verace margherita was great and the cheese was excellent. My son gobbled it up all as he was pretty hungry. The overall flavour and balance makes it more likely for you to finish the entire pizza yourself. According to my wife, in Italy (she works in an Italian company), everyone has a pizza for themselves. A great start to the meal.


Next up was a white pizza topped with parma ham. This was my absolutely favourite because I love white pizza (bianca) and I love parma ham. A perfect combo where the saltiness of the ham mixed with the cheese and pizza just brings a great meld of flavours. Even my son who prefers cheese and tomatoes gave this the thumbs up!

Focaccia e Nutella

For dessert we had the focaccia e nutella and it was huge! Way too huge but because it was World Nutella Day, we just had to finish it. It had generous toppings of Nutella on it and it was a real delight. So much so that my son’s hands and mouth was covered in Nutella.


I am no expert when it comes to pizza or when it comes to Neopolitan pizza. Aside from knowing that they use San Mazarno tomatoes from a region in Italy (known for growing great tomatoes due to the soil from the volcano activity), the pizzas at Pizzeria Dihyang were incredible. I appreciate the authenticity of the ingredients and the chef wanting to stay true to his craft by creating those 14 house rules.

Would I return again? Most definitely. I would love to try out other flavours and continue to enjoy great pizza at this place.

What rules are you talking about?

If you logged on to their website, you would be greeted with the following 14 rules (at the time of writing, they may add/delete rules in the future). The ones that tend to get attention on social media a lot usually are the ones related to “We do not slice the pizza” and “We do not serve free tap water or warm water”. The slicing of the pizza is probably a norm which most Malaysians are used to but hey, getting your hands dirty and tearing the pizza is part of the experience.

The other one which sort of went viral online was when someone went to eat at the restaurant, felt sick and vomited. Whilst the cause of the vomiting can’t really be attributed to the food at the time, the customer did ask for some water just to clear his mouth. The restaurant responded that he could either drink the water from the tap in the bathroom or purchase a bottle of water. I guess the lack of empathy was probably what triggered the whole entire saga.

Pizzeria Dihyang

14G, Jalan Yap Ah Shak, Chow Kit, 50300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Reservations: +6010-211-1398

Website: https://www.pizzeriadihyang.com/


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