Sierra Glow Part Deux – Blue Flame Review

Updated: 26th October 2013 – Found some photos of the session As I start to write this post, I am kind of sad that I lost a fair bit of my photos and videos that I took when they were applying the Sierra Glow treatment on the car. Thanks to my curiosity at the time…… Continue reading Sierra Glow Part Deux – Blue Flame Review

When you think your car is safe

How often do you actually leave your cars with the valet? I know most of my friends who have extremely lowered cars find it difficult to maneuver in basement parking lots especially in KL, tend to leave their cars with the valet. Most of the time, ironically, the valet’s will have a clause to say that…… Continue reading When you think your car is safe

BMW 3-Series F30 320i Test Drive

I was moving back and forth between Quill BMW located at Section 14 lately as I was installing my powerkit and had to send the car in for it’s 30,000km service. It was during this period where I had a courtesy car to use over the week, which was the face-lifted BMW X3. During this…… Continue reading BMW 3-Series F30 320i Test Drive

BMW E90 320d Test Drive

It’s funny that I wrote this post title since April the 8th and yet here it is still in my draft inbox of my blog. Anyhow, this is going to be a short and simple review of the E90 320d. The version I drove is the M-Sport kit with the full i-Drive system which is…… Continue reading BMW E90 320d Test Drive

The Megane RS

Over last weekend, I managed to get an opportunity to shoot this beautiful car during an automotive workshop organized by Live Life Drive magazine. The entire workshop was held at the new Renault showroom over at Section 13. There were about 13 participants in total (I think) and most of the time, we never really…… Continue reading The Megane RS