Sierra Glow Part Deux – Blue Flame Review

Updated: 26th October 2013 – Found some photos of the session

As I start to write this post, I am kind of sad that I lost a fair bit of my photos and videos that I took when they were applying the Sierra Glow treatment on the car. Thanks to my curiosity at the time when I wanted to upgrade my iPhone to iOS 7 Gold Master copy. Anyway, here is what I can say about Sierra Glow. I had used Sierra Glow previously on my car and since then, there has been a huge flurry of coating brands that mushroomed about. Some boasts glass coating, some ceramic, some silicon and some even a super coat.

Fair warning for all, I am not the type who is completely into whichever product offers the best or go into the actual details of things. To me, if the service is good and convenient and the price is right, I am usually ok with the finished product. If there are issues, I would just go get it fixed.

Anyway, here are my thoughts. First, let’s start with a write up from Sierra Glow to explain what their treatment is and do for your car.

SierraGlow (Blue Flame) Treatment Program

SierraGlow is constantly improving its technology, process, chemicals, procedures and standards.  This is our commitment to all our customers.  When you decide to use the SierraGlow (Blue Flame) Treatment Program, you are choosing the very best Nano, glass coating program available in the world.

What is Blue Flame? 

Blue Flame is the name of an additional step we have added between polishing/buffing and the application of our Glassglow.  After polishing/buffing we coat the car with Primer Silica. The Primer silica coating is applied by a blue flame, hence, the name.

For techies, here is the technical info: The liquid silica is super-heated before applying and this polarizes the paint surface as the blue flame applies the silica. This eliminates the static charge commonly found on large bodies of metal, hence, our blue flame will ionize the molecules, eliminate static charges and burn off any excess residues on the paint.

We will also have a more even surface as the silica molecules will fill in all the porous gaps existing on most car paint surfaces.  In addition to all of this, the silica is the perfect foundation or base to apply our GlassGlowcoating.

To review:  Our SierraGlow (Blue Flame) Treatment program adds an important extra step of preparing the paint surface to a higher Nano level.  Our heated gas molecules silica spray is a perfect way to fill in all porous surfaces; smoothen out all bumps and microscopic blemishes, eliminate any static charges and burn off any organic material as the silica forms the perfect foundation for our GlassGlow, final step.  Now, with the GlassGlow coating your car surface shines and will stay on your paint withstanding the daily attack of pollutants, UV light, acid rain, oxidation and dust.

You will be amazed at the sheer magic of Blue Flame: the shine is wet, the water will sheet*, the thickness and protection is greater and the paint surface is Nano smooth.

*This is incredibly important as the smooth, sleek surface will promote water sheeting.  Water sheeting is the ultimate in knowing that your car paint surface is even and sleek.

Before the whole coating process starts, they cleaned the exterior of my car extremely thoroughly, using clay bars and multiple rinses and cloths to ensure that the exterior is free from dirt and residues before applying the coating. Once the car was hand dryer, the process of coating begins. First a layer of silica is then applied on the surface. This was sealed by using a blue flame torch (as shown in the image below).


A lot of people ask me, does the fire actually spoil the surface of the car? Honestly, I saw them closely and it didn’t seem to affect any bits, even the rubber bits as well.

They would slowly apply the silica compound and then seal it using the blue flame (hence I guess how the name came about) throughout the car. When I say throughout, I really do mean every bit of the car.


This whole process would take a fair bit of time as they were careful to ensure that all parts are covered with the silica compound and sealed onto the surface.

My thoughts on the product

  • The treatment so far has held on pretty well, this is after crazy weather here as well as a track day in which I suffered plenty of black rubber and tyre marks all over my car which came off fairly easy.
  • I can still see the water beading effect, something which I have missed since my last car
  • The shine is really good, it sustains that wet look and I will continue to post up photos of it here.
  • I cringed when I saw him use a blue flame torch to the bodywork of my car (I lost my video in my handphone accident so I am trying to get it from Choong)
  • I was impressed that they had a Japanese guy there who personally worked on my car and supervised the staff as well.

My thoughts on Sierra Glow
I believe that every product has their plus and negative points and at the end of the day we just follow our preferences. Some are really into the details of what gets applied and some are into customer service. In my two visits to Sierra Glow, Choong was very kind to me, first off dropping me off wherever I needed to either get to work or get a drink and this time, he loaned me his car to get some food and drinks. Not too shabby at all. And recently I just saw on their Facebook account that they have a new service.

Yes, that’s right! They come to your house to apply the coat for you. Of course you need to meet the conditions such as your house being located 30km within Subang. Not too shabby at all especially for those who are constantly busy with work.

I also know that some people have mixed reviews about Sierra Glow from past experiences but in all honesty after being so long in the service industry, we are all human. The workers aren’t robots who can perform their best at 100% all the time. Our expectations as well need to be managed, not just in this case but for all cases.

In conclusion, I am happy with the product and it really did give my car a new breath of life in terms of it’s outlook. That is all that matters to me.

You can find out more about Sierra Glow in my previous post below or at their website and Facebook Page.

7 thoughts on “Sierra Glow Part Deux – Blue Flame Review”

  1. Hello Mark, I know this is your sponsor review, but I wanna know how do you feel after 6 months already passed. Can you feel the same when the day one you done the blue flame?

    1. Honestly, it still feels the same. After six months, all I need to do is just send it for a good wash and it still maintains the wet look. But of course the coat doesn’t prevent stone chips. If there is anything wrong I feel that the coat is lacking, the warranty does cover it and I can always send it in for a retouch up.

  2. Hi Mark, thanks for the review on sierra glow above. I’m currently looking for a car detailing shop/brand to coat my car. How is sierra glow holding up with your bmw so far. Its been around 3 years since you got it done right? Kindly adive 🙂

    1. Honestly so far, I haven’t have had the need to polish or wax the car since I have done the Sierra Glow blue flame treatment on the car for the past 3 years. I just normally send it for a good wash at Waxson’s in Kota Damansara and it looks pretty nice and shiny.

        1. Update from me after 1 year 6 months: without the stupid scratches on my car, the Sierra really shineI car without much maintainance like mark said.

          Thanks again mark!

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