Flying to Singapore – Procedures and Steps

Take note that this is not the official checklist but the steps that I went through in order to fly in to Singapore on the 5th of April and flew back to Kuala Lumpur on the 8th of April.

Note that these steps are for Malaysians who are entering Singapore on a short-term visit and not for long term as well as not having a work permit in Singapore.

Note: Different people have different circumstances so please pay attention to Step 1 and Step 2. In my case, I am a single traveller, fully vaccinated including a booster shot, I have NEVER had COVID yet, and I have completed my pre-departure ART test. 

Step 1: Follow the ICA Automated Self-Help Tool

Go to this website (ICA Safe Travel website by the Singapore government) which grants you a self-help tool to point you to the correct checklist.

Step 2: Fully Vaccinated Checklist

As I fall under the fully vaccinated individual, I arrived at this checklist. Do note that the steps here in this blog don’t cover all the steps, so please ensure that you COMPLETE the checklist shown on the ICA website. This is because different people have different circumstances.

Step 3: Perform A Self Check on your Vaccination certificate

Download your vaccination certificate from MySejahtera and keep it as a PDF form. Please ensure that the file has the QR codes fully visible. Go to this website (Vaccination Check Portal – VCP) and upload it so that you can get an automated check on your vaccination certificate. You will receive an email with the confirmation if your vaccination document is in order.

Print out a hard copy of your vaccination form just in case. Useful to have it in some sticky situations.

Step 4: Malaysians don’t need an entry VISA

I followed the checklist but couldn’t see anywhere that Malaysians require an entry visa into Singapore. In the checklist it talks about an entry VISA. I couldn’t find anywhere which says that a Malaysian requires an entry visa (I was afraid if there was a new requirement post-MCO)

Step 5: Fill up the SG Arrival Card (SGAC) up to 3 days before departure date

If you remember travelling into Singapore, you might remember filling up the white piece of paper on the plane or when you disembark from the bus at the Singapore immigration. All of that has now been replaced with an electronic site.

You can choose to submit your details online via a laptop or tablet –

Or you can download the SGAC app from the App Store or Google Play store.

Once you have filled up the form and provided all necessary details, you would receive a PDF confirmation in your email. You may choose to print it or keep a digital copy of it.

Step 6: Pre-departure ART / PCR test (up to 2 days before flight)

I took a pre-departure ART test (done professionally) which costs me RM130 via Klook (using Speeddoc). It is up to you to choose your own, but please ensure that you print out the results and keep a copy of it. You will need to show the results at the check-in counter at the airport.

Step 7: Install the TraceTogether App

Install the TraceTogether mobile app on your phone (iOS and Android). It is the MySejahtera equivalent in Singapore which you will use to scan QR codes or tap your phone on sensors using Bluetooth. Follow the activation steps until you have reached the step to continue only once you have passed immigration.

Here are the steps on how to set up TraceTogether –

Note: Do note that you would require a mobile data in order to use TraceTogether in Singapore. I purchased an M1 Sim card from 7-Eleven for SGD$12 and it has 100Gb of data available for me to use here. The SIM was valid for 7 days. Check out the various plans here.

Note: In between arrival and before I got mobile data, I had trouble entering shops (no proof of vaccination) but thankfully 7-Eleven let me in to purchase the SIM card. Hence, do print out your MySejahtera Vaccination card. This is also because it takes 24 hours for TraceTogether to be updated with your vaccination submission after you pass immigration as well.

And you are done!

Do note that travel insurance is encouraged but not mandatory. I also referred to this checklist as well just to be safe and sure.

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