My Top 5 things to tag with Apple’s AirTags

So Apple announced their latest tracker device called an AirTag last week and with a cost of RM149 per piece (excluding the accessories), whatever you are going to lose should be worth more than RM149. In our context, what can we tag? First of all, an AirTag is a device which you attach to your…… Continue reading My Top 5 things to tag with Apple’s AirTags

Chrome’s new redesign

Google has finally redesigned Chrome and to me it looks a little weird. I like it but when viewing it on a desktop/laptop screen it has those funny rounded bits at the top which makes its proportions look a little odd. The redesign comes along the lines together with Gmail which also received a new…… Continue reading Chrome’s new redesign

GSC’s latest Samsung Cinema Display

Golden Screen Cinemas will be introducing Samsung’s Cinema LED technology here in Malaysia starting first with their flagship at Mid Valley Megamall. Definitely gives me an excuse to check it out and take the effort to brace the traffic to visit Mid Valley after many months of absence. “Golden Screen Cinemas is excited to introduce…… Continue reading GSC’s latest Samsung Cinema Display

Review: Using Apple’s AirPods

I am truly not much of a music person. Yes, I do subscribe to Spotify and I just listen to the same playlist and sometimes switch between productive tunes to another random playlist that is shared on the streaming service. What I do listen consistently are podcasts and that is usually when I am driving.…… Continue reading Review: Using Apple’s AirPods

My First Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality or VR for short has been making a huge come back in the tech world. In truth it has never been something new this century but rather technology has finally caught up with the concept of VR and now you have many types of machines capable of VR, computers, consoles and even your…… Continue reading My First Virtual Reality Experience