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Review: Using the new iPad Pro 10.5″

If there was an Apple device that has been with me throughout the years and is constantly used, besides the iPhone, I would definitely have to say it was the iPad. My MacBook Pro hasn’t been used a portion of the time in my previous work and only recently in my last job did I […]

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Gboard for iOS Review

There was a time when Apple allowed other software makers to create their own “keyboard” for iOS devices. It was as though it was yesterday because I was utterly frustrated that as much as the functionalities that they bring, it was buggy and sometimes downright completely useless. Then came Gboard for iOS. A keyboard, made […]

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Why I won’t buy the iPad Pro yet

Within my office, I am known as the Apple fan boy. Well, how can I blame them? I am carrying an iPhone 6 plus, I use a 13′” Macbook Pro Retina for my main primary work amidst all the internal IT security policies (which I argue that my Macbook is a lot more secure) and […]

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Note taking on iOS – Notes vs Evernote

Over the past couple of months, I started ditching my notebook and pen at work and started taking down notes using my iPad and sometimes at meetings with my iPhone. Initially, it started with my iPhone 6 plus but that didn’t really look good in front of other colleagues and staff and using my iPad […]


iOS 7.1 Brings Apple CarPlay to Your iPhone

  Apple has just released iOS 7.1, a patch for your iOS device bringing a list of changes, fixes as well as new features. As the title gives it away, after updating your iPhone to 7.1, you would be able to have access to CarPlay. You can update your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by going […]