Apple Technology

Being productive with Notability on the iPad Pro

My iPad experience has been one of many facets this past couple of years. From my experimenting with the 12.9″ version, then using the latest iPad 9.7″ and then to the iPad Pro 10.5″, I have been trying to figure out a delicate balance between being productive with the iPad or just consuming it as […]

Personal Technology

Evernote Makes Changes to Free Subscription

A view of how Evernote and their changes to the Basic Tier has made me decide to switch to Apple Notes. I have also included some simple steps on how to migrate your existing notes from Evernote to Apple Notes as well.

MacBookPro Personal Technology

Note taking on iOS – Notes vs Evernote

Over the past couple of months, I started ditching my notebook and pen at work and started taking down notes using my iPad and sometimes at meetings with my iPhone. Initially, it started with my iPhone 6 plus but that didn’t really look good in front of other colleagues and staff and using my iPad […]