Behind the Image

Rest in peace Steve Jobs, that seemed to be the theme this whole entire month when the iconic and visionary CEO of Apple passed away. Plenty of blog posts, news wire, memorial services flood the internet, I was curious. Curious about his life, curious about this photo. Yes, that is the photo on the splash…… Continue reading Behind the Image

A Simple Portrait Collection

I finally gotten around to compile some of the portrait photos I have taken recently, and by recently I mean quite a while back. Anyway it was one of the requirements which Grace gave me and asked me to do which was due in January last month. Well, all I can say that it is…… Continue reading A Simple Portrait Collection

Happy New Year and the launch of!

First of all I would like to wish everyone out there a fantastic happy new year. 2009 went by in a blaze for me and I really do look forward to 2010 because I want to put 2009 behind me and look forward to a brighter and better future ahead. I blogged about my new…… Continue reading Happy New Year and the launch of!

Maye & Friends Portrait Shoot

When I first advertised on my blog here about my portrait promotion, the first thing I had in mind were couples who might be signing up for the promotion. But to my surprise, when Maye contacted me, it wasn’t just a couple but instead, she asked if I could do a session for her and…… Continue reading Maye & Friends Portrait Shoot

Peter & May’s Portrait Session

Oh my goodness, I really can’t remember the last time I actually posted something up here really means either I have been busy with work, busy with shoots, busy with hanging out or maybe perhaps, trying to get all the details in for my own wedding. But I will leave that bit for another post.…… Continue reading Peter & May’s Portrait Session