A Simple Portrait Collection

I finally gotten around to compile some of the portrait photos I have taken recently, and by recently I mean quite a while back. Anyway it was one of the requirements which Grace gave me and asked me to do which was due in January last month. Well, all I can say that it is always better to be late than never! 😀

The slideshow contains some of the portraiture sessions which I shot whether it may be a couple portraiture, to a personal profile image as well as behind the scenes shoot.

p.s. Make sure that the video has fully loaded before playing it to enjoy the full experience

[xr_video id=”9a4477ccb327442f8e5cea0e5f5952cd” size=”md”]

Do let me know what you think of the slideshow in the comments section, thanks!

4 thoughts on “A Simple Portrait Collection”

  1. Grace: Hehe yeah I thought I would inject in more than just couples into the shoot 😛

    Nick: Yeah, I am absolutely in love with the song right now! Been listening to it at work, makes me feel so happy at that time 😀

    Zi Sheng: Thanks a lot mate!

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