Weng Jou & Yvonne’s Portrait Session

Sometimes the weather in Malaysia has always been rather predictable especially now during the monsoon season but there are times where I would be praying very hard for nice weather and bright sunlight. Unfortunately, the sun wasn’t up that day but although the sky was rather gloomy in some ways, we still managed to have some fun and enjoy ourselves in the park.

Yvonne contacted me via email after hearing about my promotion which I posted on my blog and after a couple of email exchanges, we agreed on the date and time where we will meet for me to photograph both her and Weng Jou.

Here are some of the photos I liked from Yvonne & Weng Jou’s portraiture shoot.

I took this shot below as we were walking to our next location 🙂

Having a little bit of fun during the shoot.

Thanks a lot to Yvonne and Weng Jou for being such a wonderful couple and being such great models during the shoot.

By the way, there is going to be a big announcement on the 1st of January. Stay tuned for it.

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