Cameron Highlands Portraiture Shoot

Cameron Highlands has been a very nice and eventful place for me. Mainly because I can only remember going there twice when I was very young and the only eventful thing that occurred to me was that I bought cheap flowers there and the weather was quite cooling and there was a roti canai that was completely covered with flies!

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Whilst I was there recently with my friends, I decided to bring some of my gears up to Camerons with me to take some portaiture shots at the tea plantations. Here are some of my favourite ones.

These shots were taken at the Boh Tea Plantation where it was quite difficult to drive in. Trust me, it is only a one way dirt road so I think this was where my car rims got bent when I was travelling through it. The view there was fantastic and I just loved the tea plantations.

On the way back from Camerons, we also passed by another tea plantation called Cameronian Valley and decided to snap more shots there as well.

And finally a group photo of us before heading down back to KL.

Sorry guys, I will pass you all the full set of photos soon ok? Organize a makan event and I can pass it to you all then.

0 thoughts on “Cameron Highlands Portraiture Shoot”

  1. Yes, I was using the older telephoto lens from the old school eras. Mainly the 80-200mm f/2.8 lens. Extremely sharp lens but also extremely heavy as well 🙂

  2. Wah how long ago was this? Still with the Nikon system then? 😛 I couldn't even get to the BOH plantation the last time, one way road was jam packed with cars. And everyone was stuck.

  3. No, the areas I went to were completely open to the public for free 🙂 No charges but the only problem you might have is that if there are too many tourists about, then you might need to watch out for them in your background 🙂

  4. I still prefer the plantation areas at the Cameronian Valley there (on the way up). The view seems nicer and to take photos there it is nicer as well. BOH is a little harder to access and if I were to go there, I would definitely use a 4×4 to get there 🙂

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