Some Random Updates

Haven’t had much time to post up new photos as there are quite a number of photos that I have yet to process sitting on my hard disks. No, they are not for paying clients, just some of the photos I took whilst on holiday as well as some random shots about.

Although I am looking forward to shooting at tomorrow’s World Refugee Day event. So see you there if you are going to be checking it out. The event will be held at KL Sentral so I will probably park my car at the nearest LRT station and head over there by LRT. Best way to beat the traffic.

WordPress 3.0 has been released, so if your blog runs on WordPress, get it. I tell you, it seems to be running really efficient now. Definitely worth an upgrade. The good side of things is that all of the plugins still seem to work on my site and my site design hasn’t gone completely wonkers for me.

I recently received an iPad from my colleague after he painstakingly searched throughout the US of A (and by search I meant he checked out Orlando, New York and Chicago for me). I say painstakingly is because it really did cause him some inconvenience and has decided to charge me for his cab fare as well. Totally owe it to VH for bringing it back for me. Must write a separate blog post about it.

Will be attending the Japan GT on Sunday, managed to receive free tickets from Canon so hopefully I can get those items settled by today.

England will be playing late tonight, they better win this match!

Have a great weekend everyone!

p.s. Also it is father’s day this weekend. Don’t forget to wish your dad a very happy Father’s day!

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