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Try living in a village after being cooped up at home in Selangor

So you are getting bored being cooped up at home with screaming kids and you are completely tapped out of activities to fill their time with. With the borders recently open, we would expect everyone travelling to other states but how about looking within Selangor. Having a vacation with your family at homestays in Selangor […]

Apple MacBookPro

Macs with the M1 is now open for pre-order

For those of you waiting to purchase the latest Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or Mac Mini with the new M1 processor, you can finally pre-order them via the Apple Store. You can also order these units from the local Apple Premium reseller such as Machines or Mac City but you are limited to the base […]

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Get Your OtterBox Case for the New Apple iPhone 12 Models and A Chance to Give Back Now

Apple iPhone® 12 mini, iPhone® 12, iPhone® 12 Pro and iPhone® 12 Pro Max deliver brilliant OLED displays, cutting-edge cameras and the advanced MagSafe  system. OtterBox, the No. 1-selling smartphone case brand in the U.S., keeps you connected with people, places and moments that mean the most with fun and functional cases for iPhone 12 […]

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Top 15 Instagrammable Cafes in Selangor

There are numerous reasons why people go out to eat. Some meet the basic needs of every human, which is to find nourishments but in 2020 amidst feeling locked down for way too long, people are finding out that eating out brings about a whole slew of different experiences. Thanks to the emergence of a […]

Mountain Biking

Solving the Fox 36 Grip 2 harshness

When I swapped my Rockshox Lyrik with a Fox 36 Grip 2 fork on my Specialized Enduro, the first thing I noticed was that at bumpy sections especially small rock gardens or rooty sections, the fork felt extremely harsh and my hands and arm started to feel pain a lot quicker compared to my previous […]