Wednesday Clicks

It’s Wednesday, that means there can either be two things, one, you only have 2 more days before completing your work. Two, the weekend is almost at hand. When it is a Wednesday, this means it is time for a Wednesday Clicks!
  • I always suspected that a car wash business is actually good. Check out this one, he can charge up to $11,000 for a car wash!
  • You just got to love the chinese for doing what they can really do, copying off Apple’s product. Check out their website here and see it for yourself!
  • So after so many years in operations, Proton has decided to go back to the old drawing board and used Mitsubishi car designs for their next Waja replacement models. Are they not the least bit innovative or have they wasted so much money on useless R&D that sky rockets their costs up?
  • How do you use the iPad as a photographer’s helper? Check it out here.
  • I have always been trying to get my colleagues to head over to Lot 10 all the way from Cyberjaya to try their food. Although the journey is long, but I feel that it is worth it. Check out some of the delicious food here.
  • Don’t forget to vote for me and Mun Tzin here at the PJ Hilton competition!

Have a great week ahead folks!

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