Episode #0 of the Ninja Report

About a couple of months ago, Nick asked me if the RedNinja group would want to host a photography vodcast where it will cover local photography news, interviews, tips and just cocking about (okay, the cocking about bit was my idea into the whole mix). It took a small idea which formed in Nick’s head and after a couple of months of really cocking about (that means not doing anything), we finally sat down, discussed some ideas and voila, episode #0 of the Ninja Report is now out and available.

Check it out below.

In this episode, me and Nick introduce what the Ninja Report is about and we also included in an interview with the core team of WPPM. Note that the double chin was added into the video purposely and that it does not represent the true me! 😛

Apparently some guy said to blame it on the lighting but since I was the one who set up the light, I guess I can only blame myself, haha!

I would like to thank the folks over at Satoo.tv for hosting this videos as well as the other episodes to come! Satoo.tv is a great place for us Malaysians to share some of our local content on local servers so that we view it super blazingly fast!

If you want to know more about what RedNinja is about, head over here or just join us in our Facebook Fan Page here.

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