First Impressions: The Art of Business Card Design

Final Update

At the end of the session, everyone just stayed back and chit chatted about various areas as well as catch up with one another. Tune in to to find out more about upcoming events!

Update #3

After the sharing session, the panel then went through various business cards that were submitted earlier for critique and there were plenty of learnings that I personally gained through this session. A lot of them have to do with a sense of purpose why a design is in the card and even the fonts used and the spacing between the fonts would then make sense. Definitely a real eye-opener to me, especially one who has zero design background.

Update #2

Jon and Grace are sharing about how they have recently undergone a rebranding with their own personal businesses lately. Both of them went through a big change in terms of how they branded their own personal businesses and also how they started off with a single focus and focused on that starting with their business cards and websites.

Update #1

I am blogging live now from Integricity’s office at Centerpoint, Bandar Utama on the’s event called “First Impressions: The Art of Business Card Design“. At the moment we have Shirley and her husband together with Kris Wong from “That Special Occasion” and “Weddings Malaysia” as well as designer Mike Lian from Integricity sitting at the panel sharing about business card designs.

There is a big group of photographers and none photographers here at the event.

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