Wednesday Clicks

A very busy weekend with extreme late nights and also thanks to Blizzard for release Starcraft II after more than 10 years mean that I have very little time left to blog 🙂
  • Did you know that lasers from laser shows can damage your DSLR’s sensor? Check it out here.
  • Do you know who Jonas Peterson is? Well, I just absolutely love his work.
  • Can you imagine if Tokyo would have been left untouched and there was no people left in the city, what would it turn out to be? Well you can stop imagining and see some of the amazing images here.
  • Here is how you can make your own iPhone 4 steadicam. Totally cool!
  • Apple released a bundle of new upgrades and products yesterday. This include new iMacs, Mac Pros, a magic trackpad, rechargeable batteries and a 27″ monitor. Head over here to find out more.
  • Someone found Ansel Adam’s negatives which is now valued at a whopping USD$200million. Now I wished that someone was me instead.

Have a great week ahead. For those of you playing Starcraft II, do make sure you keep yourself hydrated and get enough sleep!

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  1. Hahah, I bet the ori owner of those negatives is kicking himself in the head now. Apparently he unloaded em at a garage sale for 45 USD just four years ago. Pwnt.

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