Wednesday Clicks

Christmas is almost upon us and I thought I would have missed posting this week’s Wednesday clicks as I am away on training and I have no access to the internet when I am on training. But I decided to stick with my schedule and still post this before heading out for dinner with my cell.

  1. Timothy shares his experience with queue cutters in Hong Kong here. Not a bad strategy by our neighbouring Asian countrymen (not the Hongkies) šŸ™‚
  2. Steve Jobs is skipping MacWorld? Who will present the new Mac Mini?
  3. Check out this interesting Nikon D3 which is nicknamed the “Wedding Photographer Edition”
  4. Twitter chooses Google over Facebook, er, what does that mean to me?

Tomorrow is my last day at my PMP training to prepare myself to sit for the PMI project management certification. One thing I learned is to bring loads of coffee over there and try to avoid the traffic jams at PJ State.

By markleo

A guy living in the wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur running through life


  1. Thats because there won't be a Mac Mini at Macworld šŸ˜› Thats why Steve Jobs not attending. He has nothing new to launch wahahaha

    Either that its another publicity stunt. After he announces he is not going, he makes a surprise entrance with some new product.

  2. Who knows, also expected is the new iMacs as well. Looks like a good event but then there were talks that Macworld might change from what we use to know it. Something about it being independent.

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