Wedding Photography Exhibit + Late Wednesday Clicks

I have been busy running some errands today getting photos printed and later setting up some photos for WeddingStory at the Hiplist Photography Exhibit at the Times Bookstore in Pavillion today and tomorrow setting up the photos at the Times Bookstore in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Celebrating the Art of Malaysia Wedding Photographers
Celebrating the Art of Malaysia Wedding Photographers

I would like to invite all the readers of this blog to attend the exhibition as well as for a talk I am giving at Pavillion Times Bookstore at 2.00pm on Sunday. The talk will be for couples who are looking to hire a wedding photographer and I will be sharing with them on what they should look out for in a photographer. Also, there are RM500 vouchers and discounts available in goodie bags.

Then at the same time I am busy post processing a lot of photos (in the thousands) as well as balancing my need to study for my PMP Certification. I got two text books, one containing about 500 plus pages and another study guide which is 600 pages thick. It has been like almost 5 years since I last studied for an exam and it is definitely not going to be an easy task.

I missed this week’s wednesday clicks so I am incorporating a little bit of that into this post as well. I was held up at training the entire day and then had to rush to KL for another meeting. By the time I got home past midnight so I already missed my Wednesday clicks. Anyway here are some interesting links this week.

  • Yes, the annual ChargeUp Conference is back again and registration has opened. This conference changed my life especially in the area of media. This was where it all began for my life in photography. This time it is held in Penang and yes, there will be a photography stream available!
  • It is not very often you get to see a wedding photographer’s portrait session being taken let alone seeing them in front of the camera instead of behind it.
  • Of course this is big news in Malaysia, do we really need a 4th airport at Labu?
  • Obama’s official portrait has just been released, and it is the first time it was shot with a digital camera.

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  1. Wo, too bad that cant visit u at the exibition.. It tiring to work and shoot . Morning working night editing weekend shooting~~

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