No I am not MIA

Contrary to what Nick says, I do not just blog my usual Wednesday Clicks. Unfortunately it is currently the peak season of my life where I am just swamped with work from the office as well as thousands of photos that I need to post process and deliver to the client before the Chinese New Year. So time is of the essence for me and I will be busy post processing photos from thousands of feet above sea level. Well truthfully, I am just post processing them on my flight towards Kota Kinabalu to attend Louis’ workshop tomorrow.

This time I managed to poison munZ to attend the workshop as well with her brand new Nikon D40. I will be loaning her my flashes throughout the workshop as I have two flashes.

Right now as I am sitting here at the LCCT departure lounge, I am a little bit irritated that although they may have provided enough power points throughout the terminal, not all of them are working. Surprisingly the Wifi network here is very good and the internet speed is very fast as compared to the usual slow speeds I got at Starbucks today.

My flight is going to board soon, time to sign-off and conserve that much needed battery energy I need when I am on the plane.

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  1. Hi Mark! Just letting u know that my in-laws might extend their stay in M'sia… So there's no rush to get the photos done by the 26th… Enjoy Louis's workshop… 🙂

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