How Ironic

Ok, here I am on a weekend after a long shoot in Malacca yesterday, sitting at Starbucks sending out some emails for work and trying to clear up some of them before the work week starts tomorrow. Whilst everyone is going off for their Christmas holidays, I got an interesting email which might lead me to be located down south in sunny Singapore next year onwards. But that is a different post all together.

Anyway, back to my point. So here I was at 1 Utama and before heading into Starbucks, I decided to pop over at Jusco and I noticed their new slogan which was to not use plastic bags. Wow, I thought, what a wonderful campaign and what a wonderful way to prevent people from using plastic bags. Usually supermarkets would freely give out loads of plastic bags and unless they do something about it, people’s behaviour will not change so easily.

I went into La Boheme and decided to get a couple of buns to ease my appetite which was screaming at me for not finishing my instant noodles which I made for lunch. Lined up behind a very long queue and usually when there is a long queue, my eyes start to wonder around the store. Then I noticed the cashier, she was wearing a badge which showed the same slogan and not use plastic bags to save the environment. And whislt wearing the badge, here she was packing everyone’s buns and pastries into plastic bags.

What really hit me was the way they freely used plastic bags, i.e. for every bun/pastry that you have, you get a small mini pastic bag to wrap it up before being put in a much larger plastic bag. If you had 15 buns there, high chances was that the cashier would probably used about 8 mini plastic bags and a large plastic badge.

How frigging ironic!

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