Some updates here and there

Ok, I gave up trying to figure out how to migrate WordPress Permalinks to a new structure and update all of my old previous posts. I managed to find a plugin by Dean but it doesn’t seem to work with WordPress 2.7. I am really trying to figure out how I can change the permalink structure of all my previous posts. If anyone has any idea, do let me know!

On another hand, I have finally gotten used to Twitter and started updating my statuses on Twitter as well as Facebook. Do add me as a friend on Facebook here as well as check out my Twitter statuses here. Its so fun to be able to see some of my friend’s statuses online as they go through their day.

Had an extremely tiring weekend, the whole of Saturday I was busy with a wedding shoot in church and at Mandarin Oriental with Louis. The shoot lasted from 4.30am (the time I woke up) till late at night and was my feet sore as well. On Sunday, I managed to head to church in the morning and then to Cyberview Lodge to check out the wedding fair there (for reasons kept a secret! hahahaha). After the fair, I headed over to Alamanda in Putrajaya with munZ and realised that the place was packed!

On a fun note, I attended a wedding last night as a guest (see how I would highlight that) and really enjoyed myself chatting with my colleagues and friends over a couple of glasses of wines. It was good to be able to sit down and enjoy the wedding but my voice is becoming rather rasp at the moment after last night’s countless “yam-seng” sessions. Needless to say that my colleagues manage to bring the groom down with their drinks.

Today was an exceptionally funny day for me as I managed to convince myself that I am totally absent minded. I drove all the way to the office today and totally left my work laptop at home. Had to spend some time checking out with the other teams here in the office to see if there are any additional machines I could borrow. Thank God for virtual storage of my work files. Else I wouldn’t have any access to my working documents.

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