Wednesday Clicks

After enjoying a long weekend and actually playing golf again at the Bangi Equitorial resort after a long hiatus, I must say that I became faily tanned and realised that I may be alergic to the sunblock I bought. There were some interesting photos I took over the weekend on my Facebook profile, mainly taken with my iPhone and then uploaded them via Maxis 3G. Here are this week’s Wednesday Clicks.

  • Sick of your old camera equipment and you really feel like you would need the latest spanking new camera body or that new lens? Well, here is a good reality check for you.
  • If you have recently upgraded to Adobe Lightroom 2 and was wondering what new feature that was in it, do check this tutorial out. Very nifty and simple especially if you are unfamiliar with layers.
  •  Here is an interesting link in the event you feel as if you are having a mental block especially if you are a photographer. Something similar to breaking writer’s block.

I can’t wait for this weekend with another round of golf with my friends. I am leaving this week’s Wednesday Clicks (ok, it is still Wednesday in Hawaii!) with a strip from one of my favourite comic strips.

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  1. Weird, and I am just taking a break because im suffering from a block 😛 I am still wishing for that amazing camera though but not letting it affect my work 🙂

    After all, we can all wish right 😛

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