A Huge Scare

Alright, maybe this wouldn’t be so scary to some people but it was extremely scary to me. It caused me like 5 minutes of blurness and it definitely made my heart beat a little faster. Well to elaborate a little more on this scare was that I usually upgrade this blog (which runs on the WordPress engine) via a plugin which was called “Automatic Upgrade”. This time when I tried, it didn’t work and I installed the new patch or the newer version via the manual way where I had to ftp to my site and then upgrade it.

Things went well on the ftp side of things.

On the blog front, it didn’t go well at all. I started getting loads of *.php errors all over the admin panel and I decided to delete a few plugins until when I tried to log in to my site, it was just blank.

The admin panel didn’t work.

The blog had a blank and white page.

Of course I panicked for a short period until I decided to calm down, delete some plugins and found out that my “wp-super-cache” plugin was the one causing the php errors. Anyway this site is back up again and thanks me being extremely paranoid, I deleted a whole lot of plugins. Ok to be perfectly honest, I deleted all my plugins. So I just spent the last 30 minutes downloading new plugins.

One of the cooler plugins I downloaded was the new “WPtouch iPhone Theme” which transform this blog into something that is iPhone friendly. If you have an iPhone and you happen to browse to this site, you would notice a nicer interface to read through the various posts here.

There are just so many cool WP Plugins around!

5 thoughts on “A Huge Scare”

  1. Yikes! Is there a way to back up your blog before doing anything funky like this to it? I've heard of friends losing blogs before to various reasons!

  2. I think you can backup the blog if not mistaken. 😉

    I would have skipped a heartbeat or two if it happened to me. Glad that everything is okay.

  3. Good thing you didn't lose anything. I lost about 3 months of entries way back in 2005 when my server disk crashed. Now, I make sure to mirror (on the server side) and also push it to Amazon Simple Storage service and backup to KL once a quarter.

  4. Grace, Ian: I have a plugin which runs a weekly backup of my blog's database and sends the file to my Gmail account. Although I knew but I just was too lazy to figure out how to use those backups.

    Nick: Yeah I did hehehe, I updated it the manual way hence there wasn't any of those steps. The Super Cache plugin doesn't seem to work with the new version of WordPress though. Every time I enable it, it comes out with loads of PHP errors.

    Eugene: That is super secure already haha. I am currently relying on Exabytes to give me a good service in terms of storage.

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