Internet Rantings

BERSIH came twice with protests on the streets and garnered a huge publicity. Upheavals in the Middle East brought down governments and don’t even get me started on the countless of revolutions which happened over the past hundreds of years. Riots and panic caused a lot of damage and even death to some of the people caught […]

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The Monday Blues

I always wondered who started the term “the Monday Blues”, even after searching through Wikipedia, there hasn’t been any entry on it and yet I am somewhat curious how the term came to coin. Maybe its because I got a latest dose of mystery cum adventure in the form of Dan Brown’s latest book, “The

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A Huge Scare

Alright, maybe this wouldn’t be so scary to some people but it was extremely scary to me. It caused me like 5 minutes of blurness and it definitely made my heart beat a little faster. Well to elaborate a little more on this scare was that I usually upgrade this blog (which runs on the

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