The popSLATE 2

When Amazon introduced the Kindle and it’s E-ink reading tablet, the technology hasn’t really caught on in the world of mobile phones where retina displays and companies sought to challenge each other to produce the highest pixel per density (pixels per inch or ppi). Now, previously a little company thought why not bring that technology…… Continue reading The popSLATE 2

Malaysian Startups – Part 1

Recently for work I have been eyeing out the local startup scene, firstly by attending several sessions at MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity) as a personal capacity as well as work. Of course the ones I have to keep an eye out are normally within the Fintech space but as I listen to pitches…… Continue reading Malaysian Startups – Part 1

Internet Rantings

BERSIH came twice with protests on the streets and garnered a huge publicity. Upheavals in the Middle East brought down governments and don’t even get me started on the countless of revolutions which happened over the past hundreds of years. Riots and panic caused a lot of damage and even death to some of the people caught…… Continue reading Internet Rantings

Nikon D3x, its finally here, am I impressed?

Update: I added some more info on the specs of the new camera 🙂 In my last two posts there were a lot of hype about the Nikon D3x and I did manage to scour the internet for some good old rumours about the launch and perhaps leaked details. Now that the official leaked details…… Continue reading Nikon D3x, its finally here, am I impressed?

How Apple keeps us wanting more!

Another 6 months have passed since I’ve gotten my MacBook Pro and now Apple is at it again, releasing a whole new line of MacBook Pros and MacBooks. This time, there were some big changes for the MacBook line. First of all, Apple has shed their desire for white plastic electronic items in every household,…… Continue reading How Apple keeps us wanting more!