How Apple keeps us wanting more!

Another 6 months have passed since I’ve gotten my MacBook Pro and now Apple is at it again, releasing a whole new line of MacBook Pros and MacBooks. This time, there were some big changes for the MacBook line. First of all, Apple has shed their desire for white plastic electronic items in every household, only to replace them with a greener and slicker looking aluminium finish.

The new MacBook shown above

Several changes can easily be spotted starting with the black bordered LCD screens and wait a minute, the new MacBook looks like the younger sibbling of the MacBook Pro.

I bet you can’t tell the difference between the two photos here!

In previous designs, the MacBook was distinguished as a fashion icon whilst the MacBook pro has always been designed for a classy and yet professional look. While that still remains the fact, the new fashion statement in notebooks these days are simplistic design with a hint of minimalistic touch and yet boasting enough features to blow the average consumer’s mind away.

New improvements include having the DVD slot moved from the front to the side in order to cater for it’s new battery design and easy removability as well as upgrade options to include a SSD drive. Another new feature which I think is extremely useful is the battery indicator.

Another new item which caught my eye is the new 24″ Apple Cinema display. Of course designed in theme with the new notebooks, the ACD is sporting a black border as well with the theme that it was designed with MacBooks in mind.

The advert shows it all!

Judging from the size, this is something I am really interested in but of course I shall wait for a full and comprehensive review on it about it’s colour and image processing performance.

With all of these new radical changes, Apple continues to be the market leader (IMHO) in gadget designs which are known to be iconic. From the 1st generation iPod to the early days of the Macbook, Apple continues to impress me. The only downside was that rumours did say that Apple might release a sub $899 notebook but the only news was that the older Macbook stock would be sold off at $999 instead. If Apple did manage to release a sub-$899 Macbook, I can easily see Apple grabbing larger pieces of the notebook market share.

More details on the MacBook and MacBook Pro can be found here.

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