Apple’s latest 13-inch Macbook Pro starts from RM8,000

Ok, technically the Macbook Pro 13″ starts from RM7,999 and before you start complaining that I got the facts wrong and that the Macbook Pro 13″ MBP-13) starts at RM5,599, do note that the two lower variants still sport the older 8th generation Intel processors (but get the newer Magic Keyboard). So yes, the latest ones get Intel’s 10th generation chips which provide a better graphics component. Some folks believe that the strategy in which Apple is going for is that if you are in the market for an MBP-13 and you don’t need graphics performance, the 8th gen Intel chip works absolutely fine.

Image: Apple

That means if you are looking for a coding machine or something to help you to perform light photo or video editing work, the lower ranges do work but perhaps spending more might suit your needs better. The other improvements that Apple has given, the new Magic Keyboard which is a switch based keyboard (finally abandoning the butterfly keyboard). Honestly, I have no issues with the butterfly keyboards, they are a tad loud but since I also use an external keyboard with my current MBP-13, the mechanical switches on that is a lot louder.

Touch ID on the 13-inch MacBook Pro keeps information safe whether users are unlocking their Mac, entering an online password, or making online purchases.

A few good plus points which Apple took from the 16-inch Macbook Pro includes having a proper physical ESC key over the older touch bar and also a separate button for Touch ID. On top of that, you get the option to upgrade the RAM up to 32GB (more is always better especially if you are the type to open 10,000 Chrome tabs) and you can spec the MBP-13 with up to 4TB of SSD storage space. Also to note with the newer models, you get the faster LPDDR4X memory at 3733MHz compared to the LPDDR3 memory at 2133MHz in the older models.

With Retina 6K resolution, gorgeous color and extreme brightness and contrast ratio, Apple claims that the Pro Display XDR is the world’s best pro display.

The new Macbook Pro also works with Apple’s latest Pro Display XDR (6K resolution) similarly to the recent launch of the Macbook Air where Apple enabled the Macbook Air to work with their high-end monitor with the USD1,000 stand.

As much as it is probably a spec bump, you are right, it is. That is why Apple just updated its website and the news sites picked it up. To me, the Macbook Pro 13″ is a great machine especially for the office (some may prefer the Macbook Air). If you are looking for a powerhouse, I would definitely recommend the 16-inch version of the Macbook Pro. But thanks to the current ringgit exchange rate to USD, prices of these laptops are on the high side but with my experience owning 3 Macbook Pros in the past, they last really long!

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