The popSLATE 2


When Amazon introduced the Kindle and it’s E-ink reading tablet, the technology hasn’t really caught on in the world of mobile phones where retina displays and companies sought to challenge each other to produce the highest pixel per density (pixels per inch or ppi). Now, previously a little company thought why not bring that technology to the back of the phone to indicate what notifications you may have.

That sounded cool  🙂

It was crowd funded on IndieGoGo and was launched. The response was expected because there were a number of niggling issue such as the case having a different type of cable port to charge up and there were very few notifications it can use. The device was called popSLATE.

The company hasn’t given up yet and now, they have come up with the next evolution of the popSLATE. It’s called the popSLATE 2. Duh!

This time it promises a lot more and has improved on all the previous issues that they had initially such as opting for the lightning cable adapter as well as integrating an additional battery into the case!

Again they have decided to crowdfund it again on IndieGoGo and at this time of writing, the campaign has garnered close to USD$500,000. At USD$79 (+USD$20 for international shipping) you get a single case and at USD$149 (+USD$30 for international shipping), you get a pack of two cases. They target July 2016 as their delivery date.

This new evolution of theirs has serious amounts of feature. Definitely something you might want to back, especially if you just purchased an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6+s.

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