Great Customer Service by Lazada

Recently I saw a deal online at Lazada for a tempered glass screen protector for my iPad for RM30. This was due to a tip-off by the good folks at the Lowyat. For such a cheap price, it really couldn’t hurt to just try it out.

So I went online and decided to buy one. The process was fast, searched for an iPad Pro screen protector and managed to find it rather quickly. The item was delivered within the stipulated time (honestly I can’t remember haha!) and I had it delivered to my office.

The delivery was prompt and interesting as I get email and SMS updates of when my items were shipped and delivered. I knew that by the time it arrived, I would be out of the office attending an offsite meeting, so I got a colleague of mine to help me receive it.

Early the next morning, I arrived at my desk and tore open the packaging, the plastic ones which the courier companies use. Those are normally large and comes in standard sizes. When I took out the box in which the glass screen protector was kept it, there was a peculiar bent at one of the edges of the box.


Yes, the box was bent at an angle. Probably due to it being exposed to certain forces whilst en route to my office. Thinking perhaps the screen protector was sturdy enough, I continued unpacking it and finally, my fears were realised.

The glass screen protector was shattered. It sort of did its job before starting its actual job.

Well, I was about to write it off at the time but being the newer me (someone I am striving to be), I decided to call their help desk, and by their, I mean Lazada. The helpdesk was extremely helpful. I gave them my order number and they sent me a link in which where I needed to send the images of the damaged item.

After a couple of hours, I received an email with a voucher code of RM30 in order for me to reorder it again.

Not too shabby, love the quick response and I guess because it was a glass protector, I didn’t need to send it back in again to them.

Kudos Lazada!

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