Learning a new skill: Making Coffee

It all started when I was attending a prenatal class at the hospital. The class was almost 4 hours long and I was completely bored to tears. So out comes my iPhone and I started to fidget around. This meant surfing the web and checking my Facebook account.

Next thing I know, I saw an advert on Facebook about Barista training. A quick peek brought me to this page.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.08.07 PM

I dropped a message and the response was extremely quick. After a couple of chats, I was scheduled for a class the very next day!

The class was held at this shop located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Now mind you all, I am a complete newbie when it comes to coffee and I normally drink Nescafe or the coffee dispensed from machines. I went in with an open mind and decided to learn a new skill.

First, few things I learned was to get myself familiarised with the equipment and learning what to actually do with it and what not to touch.

It was really important because I kept touching places that would potentially be extremely hot.

My first cup of coffee? A long black.

A simple black coffee

It was pretty simple because it didn’t really include a lot of things such as milk!

Making a Latte

The teacher schooling me in the art of pouring milk…

To me it gets tougher because it also involves frothing the milk, making sure that while I do it, it produces a “nice” sound and finally, the height and speed at which I am supposed to pour the milk into the coffee. Not to also forget, where I am aiming the milk!

Cappuccinos and the difference

My crappy attempt at making a cappucinno

Mine didn’t turn out that well. Can’t seem to see any patterns on the foam.

My next attempt at hot chocolate as well didn’t really turn up perfect.

Due to the makeup of just chocolate and water, pouring the milk into the chocolate really shows how shaky my hands were!

At the end of the lesson, I was quite glad that I learned a couple of skills which include grinding the beans, mixing them into an espresso shot, measuring the milk and frothing it and finally assembling it together into a cup of coffee.

It was a great starter lesson and something I might consider returning to learn more about making other types of coffee.

Learned a couple of great tips as well I can immediately apply in my office.

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