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Review: Using the new iPad Pro 10.5″

If there was an Apple device that has been with me throughout the years and is constantly used, besides the iPhone, I would definitely have to say it was the iPad. My MacBook Pro hasn’t been used a portion of the time in my previous work and only recently in my last job did I […]

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Gboard for iOS Review

There was a time when Apple allowed other software makers to create their own “keyboard” for iOS devices. It was as though it was yesterday because I was utterly frustrated that as much as the functionalities that they bring, it was buggy and sometimes downright completely useless. Then came Gboard for iOS. A keyboard, made […]

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Great Customer Service by Lazada

Recently I saw a deal online at Lazada for a tempered glass screen protector for my iPad for RM30. This was due to a tip-off by the good folks at the Lowyat. For such a cheap price, it really couldn’t hurt to just try it out. So I went online and decided to buy one. […]

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Why I won’t buy the iPad Pro yet

Within my office, I am known as the Apple fan boy. Well, how can I blame them? I am carrying an iPhone 6 plus, I use a 13′” Macbook Pro Retina for my main primary work amidst all the internal IT security policies (which I argue that my Macbook is a lot more secure) and […]