Read this before you purchase the BENKS iPad Cover

Now I have had my iPad Pro 2018 model for almost 3 years. It has served me well and over the years I have been switching between various covers. Each cover has its use, the one most commonly used was one by Uniq which was a good and simple cover. I also have Apple’s keyboard case (not the crazy expensive Magic Keyboard case) but the standard one without the touchpad. On top of that, I also have another Uniq case which has an Apple Pencil slot so that I don’t lose my Apple Pencil.

Whilst all of those cases have gotten to be very old and started to wear out, I recently saw that the forums were talking about a cheap and useful case which had a way to secure your Apple Pencil. Enter the BENKS iPad Pro case (they have for various iPad Pro series all the way to the new ones with the M1 chip).

My habit of buying cases would be to normally try them out at the shops before I decide on purchasing one. I would love to feel the material as well as hold one to gauge the weight as well as how protective it can be. This time around, I had to rely fully on photos as well as users review on them. It made me a little nervous but I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it anyway (more like I was trying to give in to my ecommerce itch).

The material has a nice soft touch to it

The first thing I noticed when it arrived was that the material felt really good. Sadly on the stores at the time, I had the choice of light green or baby blue. Since my other cases were pretty much black and boring, having a little bit of colour was good.

As you can see, the edges aren’t protected at all with the case

Unlike all my other cases where I had to fit the iPad into the case, the BENKS case snapped onto the iPad via built-in magnets. This meant that putting it on is very easy but it also meant that the edges of the iPad wasn’t protected. So if you did drop the case with the iPad, there is a high probability your iPad might not leave unscathed.

The flap to keep your Apple Pencil safe

The BENKS case comes with a little flap to keep your Apple Pencil in place, that was what sold me on the case. What I didn’t know was that the flap was attached on magnetically. This means it is another component that I can lose and because it is held magnetically, if by any means you accidentally hit something or bump into something and the flap comes out, your Apple Pencil might just fly out as well.

The flap is attached magnetically

Another thing which caught my attention after using it for a day was that it doesn’t allow me to stand my iPad in portrait mode. This meant that I couldn’t read web pages or my comics or manga without actively holding on to it. Definitely regretted that I totally didn’t consider that as a factor, but again, perhaps not everyone out there might want to use their iPads in portrait mode.

Only in landscape mode

As I mainly use my iPad for media consumption and note writing, and since we are currently in lockdown mode, using this case at home might seem good but once I start heading back to the office, I might start to notice certain things about it that I might not have at home. Especially in the area of portability where I might hit certain things as I move from location to location.


Overall, the only two things that irks me is the lack of protection as well as the lack of a standing portrait mode. Other than that, I believe that many others have no issues with those problems and would gladly appreciate the smooth svelt case. The BENKS iPad case is not only affordable but getting it shipped was quite fast as well. If this is the type of case you want, do not hessitate to purchase it.

Here was the link I used to purchase mine (iPad Pro 11″ 2018 model). Just make sure you choose the case that fits your iPad.

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