Nicholas and Sharon’s Pre-Wedding

I have known Nick for quite some time now ever since the Lowyat photography days and when he asked me to shoot his pre-wedding, I couldn’t say “no” to him. Here are some of the photos from the session. Boy, did I really have so much fun shooting the couple. Both Nick and Sharon were very sporting and they were a really funny couple to photograph. A huge thanks to Mun Tzin as well for helping me out.

I really love capturing the bouquet especially when they are so nicely decorated such as the one above.

The head piece was from Pretty in White! I really love birdcage veils.

We started the shoot from inside the room which was themed after a middle eastern design.

After shooting for a while, we decided to try and capture the sunset. I really love sunset shots and I really love the warm colour tone!

All the best Nick and Sharon. Can’t wait to shoot your wedding next month! Gosh, time really flies!

By markleo

A guy living in the wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur running through life


  1. Haha, couldn't say "no". Arm twisting tactics ftw! 😛 Thank you for being our photographer, Sharon loved the album and the shots.

    Cebu will be fun! lol i hope 😛

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