Using Google Maps or to your advantage

Over the course of many years, I have been a great fan of using Google Maps. Whether it is to research a restaurant that I plan to try out or to find out about locations and places overseas. Much of the content is generally contributed by the public and in this cancel culture, I hope that Google Maps doesn’t end up being the place where people seek vengeance and downrate a location all the way down. Now, as a business owner, you have the option to actually manage your listings on Google Maps and all of that is free.

All you need to do is head over to Google MyBusiness, sign in with your Google account and start following the steps to claim your restaurant/business on Google Maps. Google even has created a mobile app for you to manage your business so you can download the Google MyBusiness app on the Apple App Store or the Google Playstore. You can update basic information about your stores such as opening hours, contact details and even post promotions and even list your products. The best thing of all, when you update your business there, it gets searched as well on Google Search.

What does it mean for you? For the less technologically savvy, consider it as the Yellow Pages for your business but digitally. These days, people search everything on Google and don’t you want your business to pop up when people search for stuff on Google?

Lately, I have seen more and more folks using this and hopefully, when it comes to a critical amount of information coming through, consumers ultimately get the benefit of finding the right information and being able to connect with the business as well. It isn’t a social media site where you need to constantly post information but just ensure that the details are accurate such as the location (sometimes there are bugs, trust me), contact and opening hours.

For a free tool and Google providing constant updates and improvements, it can only get better.

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