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Flying to Malaysia from Singapore

This is a follow-up from my post here.

Since you are already in Singapore, there are only two things you would need to do prior to flying to Malaysia.

Here are some resources for you to refer to as well:


Step 1: Perform a professional ART/RTK test in Singapore

When I was in Singapore, prior to flying to Malaysia, I did a simple Google search to find the closest location for me to do an ART (Antigen Rapid Test). The MinMed group resulted in the closest location (literally on the opposite side of the road across from my hotel). I made an appointment for my test to be performed on the day of my departure (you can also do it a day before). The total cost, SGD$35 and they will email you the notorised receipt of your test. Please bring your passport there to ensure that they key in your passport details. If you have access to a printer, print out the result slip (which I did).

Step 2: Complete the MySejahtera Traveller Quiz

  1. Open your MySejahtera mobile app (iOS, Android), and then click on Traveller.
  2. MySejahtera – Select Traveller

  3. Select “Travel for YOURNAME”
  4. Proceed to fill up a 22 questionnaire
  5. Once that is complete, go to your profile page
  6. Scroll down until you see a section called “Travellers Card”
  7. MySejahtera Travellers Card

  8. At the bottom right of the “Travellers Card”, click on the link under “Pre-Departure Test” to upload the pre-departure test results you did in Step 1

Step 3: During check-in at Changi Airport

Note that as I flew MAS Airlines, there were the steps I had to take.

  1. Show my ticket reservation, passport, pre-departure ART test results and also MySejahtera to the staff
  2. Once all has cleared, they would print out my boarding pass
  3. From here onwards, it was all smooth sailing

Step 4: Upon arrival in Malaysia

Now this is where I got conflicting messages and news from folks around. This section only relates to my personal experience and may not necessarily be the same for you. When I arrived, there wasn’t anyone who ushered me or anyone else to take a RTK test upon arrival. I went and purchased some duty-free items and crossed immigration using the automatic turnstile and left the airport normally.


Air travel between Singapore and Malaysia seems to be quite smooth. I realised that my pre-departure test in Malaysia was a tad expensive and you can actually do a test at different clinics for a much cheaper alternative (I heard Mediviron charges RM50 and that other clinics might also charge RM35).

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