Butcher Carey

Butcher Carey Steak House

Butcher Carey has been around for many years, ever since coming out from another chain of steak houses, Carey Yusof (Yusof Dayan Iskandar Carey) the chef has been serving steaks to many from his shop at Sri Hartamas. I remember going there when all of the furniture was from IKEA (nothing wrong with that) and that as time went on, his business improved and whenever I go there now, there are better seatings and a better exhaust system as well.

To be honest, during the pandemic, I didn’t really patron the shop as that time I was suffering from a number of gout attacks and had to cut back on red meat. Recently I decided to check them out again with a couple of friends.

We were recommended the Picanha and we took another Australian cut as well (forgive me as I forgot which ones it were). All I can say that familiarity of the cooking style came back. A direct cook to the steak, nothing fancy and you get a nice piece of meat, cooked to the right temperature or doneness. No complaints from all of us.

Butcher Carey

The cut above was really good, the meat was succulent and extremely flavourful. I would definitely return again just for that cut. I believe it should be the picanha cut that we took.

Another part of the meal which I also enjoy are the side dishes. My personal favourites are the onion rings, they are cooked till super crispy and I love having them as a side. The sweet potato fries is a nice addition as well as I don’t recall seeing those sides in the past. I really do wish they would consider serving some creamed spinach as well.

Dining there

When dining at Butcher Carey, it is pretty much a casual place so you don’t have to really dress up (of course that is entirely up to you). Whilst it might come off as a casual place but mind you, service is always on point. The waiters there have been trained well and all of the times I have been there, not once have I had any complaints to give. On top of that, you can have wine with your steaks as well and I do believe they sell wine. As I am not a wine guy, I can’t really comment on the quality or the availability of wines there.

They will first bring you your steak and then proceed to slice them up in front of you

Making Reservations

What you need to be aware is when making reservations. As the shop is small, seating capacity is really limited and in the past, the shop suffered from folks making a reservation, then not showing up. This meant that the store did turn away other customers which resulted to them in losing out sales. Hence they have implemented a RM50 deposit per pax for reservation. Don’t worry, they will deduct the deposits from your bill at the end of the night.


Overall, this is a place where many folks consider them to be their comfort food and if you visit them on weekday nights, you would see many regulars there. I will definitely return there again, and I think my next trip I would be bringing my parents there as well. Don’t expect it to be a fancy steakhouse, prices there are relatively affordable and you will have a good time. One thing you would notice that customers there tend to have great conversations over meat and wine. As it should be.

Name: Butcher Carey

Reservations: 0193380811 (you can either call or WhatsApp this number)

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