Engagement Shoot – Elliot & Charlotte

In keeping with my New Year’s resolution, here is another blog post on Elliot and Charlotte’s engagement shoot. I knew both of them through church and Elliot is a fantastic drummer and Charlotte’s a fantastic dancer. The two of them looked so sweet and they got married recently! Congratulations to both Elliot and Charlotte. I…… Continue reading Engagement Shoot – Elliot & Charlotte

Nicholas and Sharon’s Pre-Wedding

I have known Nick for quite some time now ever since the Lowyat photography days and when he asked me to shoot his pre-wedding, I couldn’t say “no” to him. Here are some of the photos from the session. Boy, did I really have so much fun shooting the couple. Both Nick and Sharon were…… Continue reading Nicholas and Sharon’s Pre-Wedding

Cameron Highlands Portraiture Shoot

Cameron Highlands has been a very nice and eventful place for me. Mainly because I can only remember going there twice when I was very young and the only eventful thing that occurred to me was that I bought cheap flowers there and the weather was quite cooling and there was a roti canai that was completely…… Continue reading Cameron Highlands Portraiture Shoot

Help your friend win a free portrait shoot!

Now the title of this post says it all, instead of finding ways to always treat ourselves and making ourselves feel good by buying that really nice new gadget (hides in shame as I have been lusting for the iPad), lets do something different for a change, lets make that difference in someone’s life. So,…… Continue reading Help your friend win a free portrait shoot!

Bobby and Rennie: A quick shoot

I have to personally thank Nick for asking me to tag along with him during his portrait shoot with Bobby and Rennie. Nick was one of the participants of the recently held got Mojo? Camp organized by the crazy folks over at RedNinja (me included!) and I thought I could help him out and also offer…… Continue reading Bobby and Rennie: A quick shoot