Movie Review: X-Men Origins (Wolverine)


I managed to catch this show last week and to be frank it was a fantastic show because not only was it action packed, I always have been a fan of the X-Men. Note that I don’t actually read much of the comics but coming from a movie fan (I never really liked how the shot the first 3 X-Men movies), this show really was a huge improvement.

The movie starts with how Logan was a boy and how he eventually ran away from home and the scenes move from him being part of the American Revolution, to world war 1 and world war 2 and eventually in Vietnam. The weird part about the beginning was that Logan started off with bone claws.

Anyway he was recruited by Stryker to join a team of other mutants where they went on missions around the world. Logan’s real story begins when Victor (a.k.a Sabretooth) went on a killing rampage during these missions which made Logan decide to quit and head into exile to live a peaceful life. When things start to go wrong and Stryker entering back into Logan’s life a few years later, Logan was then driven to avenge his lover’s death (killed by Sabretooth).

With revenge in his mind, Logan then decided to join the Weapon X program under Stryker and then received his adamantium skeleton and claws.

The movie was interesting to me because it also showed other heroes from the Marvel universe in the forms of Blob, Gambit, Wraith, Agent Zero, Deadpool and many more. From my discussions with some of my friends who were real avid fans of the X-Men comics, they have mentioned that the storyline is very different compared to the that of the comics.

I guess this argument holds true for the most recent movie, Watchmen, where the movie was created to reach audiences who were more unlikely not to have read the comics. The same goes for our Asian creators as well in the forms of Anime vs Manga where both have different views but of the same character.

My take as a viewer who never really followed the comics:

3.5 out of 5

5 thoughts on “Movie Review: X-Men Origins (Wolverine)”

  1. Movie is darn suxx.. it's quite boring until I wished they showed the workprint in cinema itself. At least it's more interesting seeing them doing the movie than watching the movie instead.

    Nevertheless good try..

    I would suggest to watch startrek instead eventhough ur not an avid trekkie… //

  2. Ahh if only I didn’t read the comics. If only I am not such a stickie for people to at least respect the original material.

    Unfortunately, I do read comics and I do want the movie makers to respect the original material. So Wolverine was a big letdown to me. Especially the way they treated Deadpool at the end.

    Its another Dragonball. Only worse. 😛

  3. The CGI animation sucks big time. Even the X-men 3's CGI was way better.

    I'll give it 0.5 out of 5 for it's graphics. Bleh…

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