Wednesday Clicks – The Return

Yes, Wednesday Clicks has finally made a come-back after absolutely no requests for it over the past 6 months. Nevertheless, I would like to stick to it again and bring up some new links and news from about as well. Here are some of the latest happenings about! If you aren’t following me on Twitter,…… Continue reading Wednesday Clicks – The Return

The return of Wednesday Clicks

Only to return on a Monday, I have decided to return my old trend of providing some interesting links as well as excerpts from other sources which either inspire me or give some sort of educational value. First up for this week: I’ve only started reading some inspirational blogs lately especially to gain some insights…… Continue reading The return of Wednesday Clicks

Wednesday Clicks

Its Wednesday today and you know what that means, more interesting links out! I have for one thing learned recently that it takes friggin a lot of discipline to work and study at the same time. Anyway, before I skew off even more, let’s check out what is new this week. I know everyone is…… Continue reading Wednesday Clicks